Hire Voith as Solidity Developer

Voith has been a contributor to ethereum’s python tooling, mainly contributed
to ethereum’s web3.py project. He has 6 years of industrial experience and currently working
as a blockchain engineer.

Preston and I had a few calls with him and love that he has experience contributing to open source projects and web3 companies.

Some notable achivements

  • Ethereum Core Developer Program Apprenticeship Candidate
  • Lead Sowftware Engineer at Opolis
  • Contributor to Ethereum’s python tooling

This proposal is to first hire him for a trial period of 3 months, and if everything goes well, hire him full time with a base salary of $120,000 USDC per year, with a 9,000 CTX bonus that vests over 3 years.

HR and Recruiting Group Purple Unicorn found Voith and helped recommend a compensation package that made sense within our hiring guidelines. Purple Unicorn will receive 20% of the 1st year’s base salary for their services.

This proposal vote will be in snapshot. Vote with your CTX here:



Sharing hiring guidelines here: Full Time, Part Time & Bounty Contributor Guidelines 2022


That’s great! I wanted to vote but snapshot shows 0 tokens for dnkta.eth. Does snapshot not include the CTX in the delegator contracts?


Mmm must be a bug! I configured the snapshot to allow CTX delegation.

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I support hiring Voith.

it says i don’t have any votes either on snapshot, but I’m all in for hiring Voith! Sounds like a great addition to the team

dont worry fellers, i got it with the 24 i have stashed in mah wallet lol

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I voted yes on snapshot but it only attributed the 5 unstaked CTX in my wallet, not the delegated amount.

Same for me with Snapshot still.
I support hiring voith.