Full Time, Part Time & Bounty Contributor Guidelines 2022

Full Time Contributors

Previous full time guidelines: https://forum.cryptex.finance/t/cip-3-cryptex-core-team-hiring-guidelines-v1/65

From dev, to brand to economics and beyond there is a small but mighty team of full time contributors that work around the clock and around the world to move the mission and purpose of the Cryptex DAO forward.

Currently the full time team consists of:







We intend to hire more full-time contributors in 2022:

Devs (One we are onboarding one now, Voith)

Project Manager

Finance Lead

And any additional roles to help the DAO achieve its goals.


Base Salary: $50,000 - $175,000 USDC per year (Paid in ETH or USDC)

Equity: 5,000 - 50,000 CTX (Vests over 3 years, 6 month cliff, then quarterly for 2.5 years)

*Joe, Preston & Matz will forgo equity compensation

*No 6 month cliff for full time team members that were with us for 6+ months.

Rewards Guidelines

As a global organization, hiring a variety of talent, across a multitude of skillsets, it calls for a personalized approach to each person. We work with third party recruiting and HR agency Purple Unicorn Group to evaluate and recommend rewards packages based on individual assessments.

Part Time Contributors

Previous part time guidelines: https://forum.cryptex.finance/t/cip-10-cryptex-community-grants-program-q4/161

We’ve successfully gone through 6+ epochs with almost two dozen contributors focused mostly on the brand side of the DAO. These authors, artists, event planners, analysts and beyond have helped echo the voice of Cryptex and TCAP and created original content and moments for our DAO to stand out.



Base Pool: $10,000 USDC / MONTH (Paid in ETH or USDC)

Equity Pool: $10,000 USDC / MONTH (Paid in CTX)

*This capital will be split as follows: 50% as a recurring grant for members (Selected by the full time team) and 50% for coordinape members.

For Q2, Q3 and Q4 we intend to increase the total pot for part time contributors by 10% every quarter, unless voted on to increase/decrease by the community.

Rewards Guidelines

Recurring grants + the same coordinape format and way of working for part time contributors.

Bounty Contributors

We haven’t formally had any bounties available and feel it is best to set aside CTX for moments where contributors can work on task based goals.

Dev Bounties

Goal is to get more bounty hunter/project/task based dev’s involved with the DAO specifically for code enhancements and new features. The CTX rewards will be distributed when a task is proposed by a bounty hunter/project/task based dev and agreed upon by full time team and community.


Maximum 10,000 CTX (Coming from the Treasury)

Integration Bounties

The adoption and advancement of TCAP and CTX in other protocols, wallets, platforms, you name it. Can be an individual, group or even a DAO.


Maximum 20,000 CTX (Coming from the Liquidity Rewards)

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Full Time, Part Time & Bounty Contributor Guidelines 2022

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Question - for these bounties, is the quoted figure a maximum for the entire pool or per task/bounty?

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Let’s go for full time members. Keeping core team is key, especially now that a lot of project are emerging as are usually offering very high compensations

By curiosity, what is the % of this budget compare to the treasury ?

What about scaling it with protocol revenues instead ? 10% could be use as a reference. But would be better to scale it with number of contributors and revenues.

I’m also a huge fan of recurring grants. Especially as a step between new contributors and core team. It could be very interesting for long term contributors. Coordinape is an amazing step for new members and onboard new contributors. But after a few months, some members may want a more stable revenue. But may not be ready to apply for a full time / core position. Nevertheless, those members are key for a project, and you may want to keep some . Competition is increasing and they may leave if they find something better elswhere (it’s not only true for core members).

For instance, Coordinape is unpredictable, and you can’t be sure of what you will get at the end of the month . So it may be hard to manage your time and even quit your current job. Or just find a good balance time/revenue. Recurring grant are a perfect “tool” for those kinds of contributors.

I’m personally a big fan of a base “salary”. Don’t need to be super high, but at least you are sure about what you will get at the end of the month. And you can imagine still behing part of coordinape to receive some “tips”. Of course this needs to be discussed with the community to find a effective way to do it .


maximum for the entire pool.

I made a few edits to this based on feedback and discussions.


Hey everyone!
I wanted to let you all know that I will be leading the charge to create partnerships between us and other DAOs and encouraging them to include TCAP in their treasuries.
Looking forward to getting this started so I wanted to create this blog post and get some feedback from the community regarding this topic.
I will be receiving a 2.5% commission in CTX of every purchase of TCAP for treasuries. This commission will be coming out of the Integration Bounties we proposed for 2022.
I am looking to pursue this for this month then reevaluate the methods at the end of the month.
Looking forward to your feedback everyone!


That’s a great initiative. I’m fully supporting this and wishing you success in finding other DAOs who are interested in using TCAP to diversify their treasuries. Let us know if we can be of any help.


Hey there! Always love to see efforts to develop partnerships.
I’m curious as to how you plan to help other DAOs diversify into TCAP:

  1. Ask them to sell their token in exchange for TCAP at the market price

  2. Ask them to deposit their token as collateral to borrow/mint TCAP at the Oracle price

  • If 2., What would you encourage them to do with their TCAP? - Enter a LP, Sell at the market price, Something else?