2nd Half 2022 Full Time, Part Time, Bounty Contributors

A highlight of what needs a vote for 2nd Half 2022 Full Time, Part Time, Bounty Contributions

Full Time, Part Time, Bounty Contributors

-Transferring full time rewards from the treasury to contributors

-Evolve the part time contributor model

Full Time, Part Time & Bounty Contributor Guidelines 2nd Half 2022

The 2022 guidelines first proposed and approved can be found here:


So far through the 1st half of 2022, our full-time headcount has increased, with the hiring of dev, Voith back in January, and the transition of Cullen + James to a full-time retainer. The full-time team now currently consists of:


Preston, Cris, Jorge, Voith


Joe, Tom, Brendan, Cullen + James

We intend to hire more full-time contributors in the 2nd half 2022 to focus on growth and utility:

Full-stack developer

Solidity developer

Frontend developer

Growth Lead

Project Management

And any additional roles to help the DAO achieve its goals.


Base Salary: $50,000 - $175,000 USDC per year (Paid in ETH or USDC)

Equity: 5,000 - 50,000 CTX (Vests over 2 years, 6 month cliff, then bi-annually for 1.5 years)

  • Joe, Preston & Matz will forgo equity compensation

Rewards for contributors that began vesting in January 2022 and are eligible for them to claim need to be transferred from Treasury: 32,000 CTX in total

  • Cris: 12,500 CTX
  • Jorge: 5,000 CTX
  • Voith: 4,500 CTX
  • Cullen: 3,750 CTX
  • James: 3,750 CTX
  • Brendan: 2,500 CTX

Part Time Contributors

For part time contributors, Cryptex has utilized the coordinape tool & model. There have always been a lot of resources dedicated to the coordinape model. We propose to evolve from the current Coordinape model to a Contributor Bounty Program, where rewards are given based on specific tasks to be completed. The tasks will come directly from the full-time team. This will help contributors have clarity on exactly what they will earn for their efforts, and the DAO will receive exactly what they need in terms of contributions.


Up to 10,000 USDC per month

Bounty Contributors

No bounties were proposed or requested in the 1st half of 2022. We plan on participating in hackathons and hiring dedicated growth contributors that will put the dev and integrations bounties to use for the 2nd half of 2022.

Dev Bounties

The goal is to get more bounty hunter/project/task-based devs involved with the DAO specifically for code enhancements and new features. The CTX rewards will be distributed when a task is proposed by a bounty hunter/project/task-based dev and agreed upon by a full-time team and community.


Maximum 10,000 CTX (Coming from the Treasury)

Integration Bounties

The adoption and advancement of TCAP and CTX in other protocols, wallets, platforms, you name it. Can be an individual, group, or even a DAO.


Maximum 20,000 CTX (Coming from the Liquidity Rewards)

You can vote on snapshot here: Snapshot

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Would the Contributor Bounty Program be used instead of Coordinape?

yes that’s correct, the Contributor Bounty Program be used instead of Coordinape

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Is it figured out how to assign a reward value to each bounty?

I believe we are going to have people apply for each task/responsibility and in the application process also mention what their ask is for the payment amount.

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