Align single sided staking rewards

Dear Community Members,

Currently there is a proposal for discussion regarding Operating Expenditures Treasury Transfers for Q4]:

Core contributors are requesting 229,000 CTX for operating expenditures for Q4.

Single Sided Staking has been topped up with 12’600 CTX every 3 months for the past year.

The purpose of a protocol token is to align the incentives of developers, investors and users.

My job as a delegate is to make sure there is an alignment between all parties.

This is why I will publish a snapshot vote to increase SSS rewards for CTX stakers participating in governance.

Discussion will be open for 2 weeks, and then a snapshot vote will be published.

Feel free to share any feedback regarding this proposal, should SSS rewards be increased to:

50’000 CTX for 3 months
70’000 CTX for 3 months
100’000 CTX for 3 months

From Discord discussion
Additionally @Joecryptex proposed the following:
We’d like to reward existing protocol delegates and those who have voted with a retroactive airdrop based on historical governance participation and to also encourage future participation of these delegates in protocol governance (between 25k-50k CTX)

Another feedback from @DesertDwelr regarding quorum: if I recall, when we established the 400k level it was about 16% of the circulating supply at that time. Circulating supply is now double that level so it does seem to make sense to raise the minimum level. Perhaps we can increase the quorum by 100k per quarter over the next 4-5 quarters (in conjunction with the incentive activity) to get us to a level that’s back in line with our original target.

Please discuss.

Thank you


Most of the discussion is happening on Discord in the #ctx-gov channel

Snapshot is live now: