CIP-17: Migrate CTX-WETH rewards to Uniswap V3

The latest round of CTX-WETH LP rewards on Sushiswap expired as of 7/27/2022.

13,348 CTX were earmarked from the team multisig (not the treasury) for CTX-WETH LP rewards over the next 3 month period. We have the opportunity to migrate these rewards to Uniswap V3 Pool instead of continuing on Sushiswap.

This proposal is similar to CIP-16 (which was about migrating rewards for TCAP-WETH LPs).


This vote will be on Snapshot.
Voting ends on 8/7 at 22:00 UTC


My vote: “Migrate rewards to Uniswap V3”
Rationale: While we should continue to reduce rewards emissions going forward, I think its worthwhile to reward this period on Uniswap V3 to encourage LPs to migrate liquidity from Sushiswap to Uniswap. Uniswap is our preferred option as it offers significantly less slippage and allows for concentrated liquidity.


support, Uni v3 rocks.

Makes sense to move the pool to Uni V3 for now.
It looks like there are better and more innovative ways to improve liquidity. Hopefully we can come up with a new strategy in 3 months.
Please everyone have a look here and share your input:


I am definitely for the migration to Uni v3. Hopefully we will find better strategy for liquidity within this 3 months period.

How do you guys plan on developing the V3 incentives contract?

xToken has a permissionless, no-code option for deploying LM programs on V3 in a few minutes. We recently won a proposal to manage Optimism’s $OP token incentives through xToken Terminal, which we think will bring a lot more visibility to our platform and bring a bunch of users and activity into the ecosystem overall:

Shoot me a DM on Discord if you’d like to see it in action! ben_xToken#7708