Community Grants Epoch 2 Completed

Hello Folks!

We just completed the first epoch (Epoch 2) from our community grants program, a big thank you to everyone that participated!

The DAO paid out $9,450 USDC (payment made in ETH) to 8 contributors for Epoch 2. We budgeted a total of $15,000 USDC for Epoch 2, leaving $5,550 USDC of available funds.

This $5,550 USDC will be rolled into the remaining budget for the Quarter ($15,000 remaining) leaving a total budget of $10,275 for Epoch 3 (8/1 - 8/31) & $10,275 for Epoch 4 (9/1 - 9/30).

The DAO also paid out a $10,000 USDC bonus in Epoch 2 (payment made in CTX) to 8 contributors, based on the amount of gives received.

We want to improve upon the way we are using Coordinape to reward our contributors. Please take a few minutes to complete this quick survey below. We want to know what you liked about using Coordinape and what you think we can do better for the next epoch.

Important Links to reference:

Epoch 2 Feedback Survey: Coordinape Feedback

Community Grants Proposal: CIP-4: Cryptex Community Grants Program - #3 by lucrica

Community Grants Upgrade Proposal: Upgrade Community Grants

Coordinape / Epoch 2 Instructions: How To Use Coordinape For Cryptex Brand And Community Initiatives | by Tom Matz | Cryptex | Jul, 2021 | Medium

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