Upgrade Community Grants


This proposal looks to discuss:

  • To increase rewards for brand and community grants.
  • increase participation between active members in Coordinape.
  • Change the dev initiatives to a formal application process.


The mission of the Cryptex Community Grants Program (CCGP) was to start small and validate the methodology used to fund initiatives that provide valuable resources to help grow the Cryptex ecosystem. The brand initiatives (content, design, advertising) and community-generated content (social posting, integrations, introductions) have been well received and the effort put by the community made us rethink how we can increase properly reward active community members while increasing their exposure to the protocol.

In contrast, development grants have suffered from a lack of applicants, reason is that development tasks require a more focused approach which can have a variable cost for devs. We still believe that development grants are a good first step for new members that want to join for a full-time position on the development side, so we want to re-allocate the 15k USDC of dev initiatives to brand and content, and open an application format to request for funds for development initiatives that will need to be approved by the community.

Finally, we want to empower active community members, currently grants allocation is done using Coordinape with assignations solely based on the core team, we propose that for this epoch all grantees that are actively on the Coordinape to be active part of the distribution.


If accepted this proposal will:

  • Re-allocate dev rewards to brand and community grants
  • Increase community grants by $20,000 paid on CTX (Defined at payment time)
  • Assign GIVE tokens to active members to assign on the grants distribution.
  • Create a channel for development grants by application.


Voting against will leave the community grants as they are now.

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  • Against

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