Staking of CTX for Governance

Since the creation of TCAP and CTX we have wanted to create a staking mechanism that rewards token holders that have the conviction to hold/believe in the protocol and that engage in community activities or governance. After reviewing other protocols staking mechanisms with Preston we went into the design of a new mechanism that encourages CTX to be used in governance.

The user flow would be something like this:

  1. CTX politicians create a delegator contract through the Staking Contract.
  2. CTX holders deposit and delegate amount to delegator through the Staking Contract.
  3. Users receive CTX rewards over time.
  4. CTX politicians engage directly in discussion and vote on-chain with the power delegated by the community.
  5. CTX politicians get gas refunds for voting.

Here is an early mock of how the system will work. (Will update this post with a more complete design)


Some stuff missing here are the tokenomics, how much reward, for how long, incentives for crypto politicians, etc

I love the idea. We need more people to participate in governance to decentralize the protocol over time. It’s a step in the right direction in my opinion.

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Will be these politicians known or just addresses? Currently they are anonymous, but for me personally I want to know who I am delegating my vote.


Technically they will be addresses, but we want to create some kind of portal for posting a request of votes, which will include your profile and avatar


I think it’s really important to make it very easy to understand how to stake, and how to actually do it.

A lot of people even ask how/where you buy TCAP. Imagine how many would ask how you stake and the potential risks involved.