Governance Retroactive Airdrop

There is in discussion a proposal created by @dnkta.eth for increasing Single Side Staking and including an Airdrop to further encourage participation in Governance. You can read the discussion in:

The goal of this thread is to discuss a few ideas on how to distribute these funds in a way that further increases decentralization and encourages more governance participation. The proposed amount is 50k CTX. Here are some suggestions:

  • Snapshot should be a few weeks before the initial discussion.
  • Airdrop should target both keepers and delegators.
  • Airdrop should be calculated based on participation in governance (Snapshot and Onchain).
  • Single Side Stakers should be included as delegators.
  • Delegators Airdrop should be calculated based on the participation in governance of the Keeper.

The rewards could be calculated based on time or based on governance participation + a bonus for time. If I had to pick I would choose based on governance participation only, as it encourages staking and making decisions based on who is a more active Keeper.

Another nice to have would be a bonus for the users that delegated to minority Keepers with at least X amount of CTX. To encourage the participation of new Keepers.


The idea about a bonus for the users that delegated to minority keepers is really cool. We need to encourage the participation of new delegates.

I created a snapshot vote to decide on the airdrop amount:

I agree
Thank you ! I am very new to all of this and have been watching all of the crypto numbers . This cryptex coin and solena, and few others i beleive including bitcoin will rage in the future. Now is the time to create, save, and stake as much as you can .