Q1&Q2 2022 Brand & Marketing Budget


For Q1&Q2 of 2022 (January 1st 2022 - June 30th 2022) we intend to allocate capital for brand and marketing initiatives as we enter into our next phase of growth and product upgrades.

Content Production

Cryptex has celebrated major milestones, educated and rewarded users with incredibly produced content. This group of creatives will create high quality, original content so we can:

Maximum budget for content production: $36,000 USDC per quarter


We’ve worked through the discovery, improvement, and planning phases with our partners in Q4 of 2021 and are targeting live campaigns to begin in the middle of January 2022.

  • Advertorial Education (Like The Block, Blockworks, The Defiant, StockTwits, Raging Bull, Coinsnacks and others)

  • Display Education (Like The Defiant, Brave Browser, CoinGecko and others)

  • People Education (Like Kris Kay, Route2fi, Top 10 Joe and others)

  • Other Education (Any new opportunities that may arise throughout Q1&Q2)

Maximum budget for Education: $120,000 USDC per quarter

*Removed PR & Advertising Partners from this budget, we intend to hire a full-time team member to handle the PR for Cryptex.


We’ve found giveaways to be helpful in collaborating with others and driving awareness to Cryptex and TCAP.

We are interested in future giveaways similar to:

Maximum budget for giveaways: $15,000 USDC per quarter


Events are an incredible opportunity for our team and community members to speak and help educate audiences that are eager to learn. We want Cryptex to be positioned as leaders within the crypto community.

We are interested in events like:

  • ETH Dever
  • Permionless
  • Money 2.0

Maximum budget for events: $15,000 USDC per quarter

Monthly Subscriptions

Contributors of the DAO are using tools (Netlify, Infura, Zoom, Typeform, Discourse, Linktree, Bit.ly, Nansen.ai, Notion and Dune Analytics) to better connect, collaborate and learn.

Maximum budget for monthly subscriptions: $6,000 USDC per quarter


We’d like to budget a maximum of $15,000 USDC per quarter for one off opportunities or expenses that might arise.

Maximum Q1&Q2 2022 Brand and Marketing Budget: $207,000 USDC per quarter

For Q1&Q2 of 2022 (January 1st 2022 - June 30th 2022) we intend to allocate this brand and marketing budget per quarter for:

  • Content Production ($36,000 USDC)
  • Education ($120,000 USDC)
  • Giveaways ($15,000 USDC)
  • Events ($15,000 USDC)
  • Monthly Subscriptions ($6,000 USDC)
  • Miscellaneous ($15,000 USDC)

Vote on the Q1&Q2 2022 Brand & Marketing Budget here: Snapshot

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What was budgeted and allocated for last quarter (Q4 2021):

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Just for clarification: the largest components of this budget are “PR & Advertising” and “Advertising and Education”. I’m very supportive of this category but would just like to understand if there is some distinction between the advertising portion called out in each of those two categories? Thanks!


“PR & Advertising Partners” is the budget to retain McCann and Wachsman to manage and maintain PR, Advertising and brand messaging.

“Advertising & Education” is the budget to pay advertisers (Like the Defiant, Bankless, Google PPC, etc.)

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Do you have any metrics for past campaigns ?

210k for 3 months seems a LOT ! I guess most of it goes on Bankless and other sponsored campaigns. Is it really worth it ?

TBH is never saw any campaign about Cryptex except inside work…

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Generally I’m for this - although before I vote, I would just like to ask if either you, @Joecryptex , or another core member can provide a rough value for how much the DAO is taking in per month (either expected or historical). With that value, DAO members can better assess the expense to make sure the numbers being voted on make sense so that the DAO stays afloat :slight_smile:

we never spent any capital on advertising before. these are our first advertising and educating campaigns. these campaigns are meant to drive top of the funnel awareness, and with this budget, it will reach hundreds of thousands of new people that will learn about Cryptex and TCAP.

we track the actual expenses for the entire DAO on a monthly basis (since inception) along with a forecast through 2022 here: Monthly Burn Rate - Google Sheets

revenues from protocol fees can be tracked here: Token Terminal | Fundamentals for crypto.

you can reference all multisig and treasury transactions here: Proxy | 0xa70b638b70154edfcbb8dbbbd04900f328f32c35
Timelock | 0xa54074b2cc0e96a43048d4a68472f7f046ac0da8

we are working on hiring a head of finance soon that will create formal financial statements which will also be audited by 3rd parties.

if you need any other info, just let me know.

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I made a few edits to this based on feedback and discussions.