CIP-7: Airdrop early TCAP Testers


Reward TCAP testnet users that provided feedback in Testnet v1 and Testnet v2.


TCAP couldn’t be launched with the help of the community, this airdrop aims to reward early helpers that provided feedback in our Rinkeby Testnet expecting nothing in return.

Airdroping CTX to ~200 feedback providers will help to further distribute CTX in the hands of the community while helping to make decisions in the DAO. We want to do the airdrop just like Gitcoin did, encouraging the delegation of CTX to actors in the community.

For the amount, 50 CTX makes sense, but we are open to discussion.


Airdrop early adopters 50 CTX.


No Airdrop of CTX.

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This is a very good idea, good way to get more people engaged.


It is only targeting people who gave feedbacks are all users of the testnet ?

Yes, around September of last year and January of this year we had an early testing on Rinkeby Testnet and asked for feedback. We also asked for user addresses to drop an small NFT.


only if they create vault on polygon or mainnet should be able to redeem

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From an economic point of view, I agree with you. Not sure about how many of those testers are active.

From a decentralization point of view, I would love to have more people delegating their CTX for voting (That’s the reason I would love to set the claim only after you delegate to encourage this).

Early feedback was really important, allowed us to squash a lot of bugs and improve the UI. Maybe have a short claim period (~2 weeks) so people that aren’t active on the forums or discord will miss the claim window?


Seems like the claim can’t happen on airdrop as the CTX contract is slightly different that GTC. So the claim has to be done after.

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I am not sure how many people gave feedback but if we had more people than 200, I think everyone should get a chance as an early supporter.

  1. Even if it’s a small amount of ctx it will encourage people to buy and hold more.
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I think this is great a idea, Inverse DAO did something like this when doing their initial airdrop

How would this work for ETH-CTX SLP holders?


I like the ideas being shared about setting some claim mechanism or action to be taken in order to claim. I think this could also get some people involved again that were around during the testnet days.


Something like ShpaShift FOX airdrop? Where you can claim FOX in ~90 days and after this period not claimed FOX tokens go back to ShapeShift DAO.

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yep! that’s how it’s going to work. We have the contracts ready with a time of 2 weeks. But will deploy the airdrop when we launch CTX staking :wink:


Will be possible in CTX staking delegate my vote?

I guess I need to make a forum post to talk about CTX staking. But yeah the main goal of staking is that you delegate or be one of the delegates that will be voting.

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I will be forced to delegate vote before stake? I think it can be very good idea, similar like Gitcoin airdrop. If you want GTCs you need to delegate them firstly. This can solve the problem of DAO voting very elegant way


Here is the early design for Staking of CTX for Governance


As a new community member, I think it’s very important to continue to contribute to the community

I would love to become much more involved in the project and spreading awareness of tcap and ctx. I guess I’m just looking for a little guidance on where I could be useful as a day 1 contributor.

You might be interested in joining the Cryptex coordinape community to earn rewards for your contributions to spreading awareness? See the #Coordinape channel on Discord

Hey guys what are the news on the TCAP testers airdrop ?

So excited to get this one :slight_smile: