Content Translation and Spanish Comms

Hi Everyone!

MorazanCA and Erik Suazo here, previously we’ve worked closely with Badger and other DeFi protocols (recently being selected a badger ambassador) and have translated their medium posts, manage their comms with the spanish speaking world, an audience with a potential of over 400M people. As a plus we also contribute spanish videos demoing the platform to increase usage and knowledge of badger.

Erik, who has experience working closely with Stablepay, and I are writing because we are interested in coming along and helping Cryptex expand its reach and exposure and acquire new users by translating TCAP mediums posts, manage spanish comms on Twitter and aid on board with social media platforms as needed. Our goal would be to help increase the amount of users interacting with the protocol, minting, participating in governance, and/or burning tcap.

I’ve personally been involved with TCAP since the beta testing before the launch of the project and started using tcap from day one by getting some tcap from sushiswap and staking it in the website to generate CTX.

For our contribution with translations, handling the spanish comms, and assisting in growing tcap users. Currently, we propose a reward a total of 250 CTX (125 per role) Tokens per month. This could grow as more comms people come in. Our process involves one person that translates and the second does a quality assessment of the post for flow, grammar and message understanding for the targeted audience which are individuals with beginner to intermediate crypto knowledge

We believe we can help tcap grow and achieve growth and we are open to hearing your feedback on this. We have a demonstrated track record working with other DAOs and protocols such as badger, and I have personally worked with other blockchain companies such as Experimental (a blockchain gaming studio) and have also translated a few articles covering TokenSets, and have in the past received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to produce spanish content and attract more developers to the ecosystem.


Hello! We are definitely looking forward to more involvement of the community :slightly_smiling_face:, can you share some of the posts?

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Hello Cris, of course I can share here some post in which MorazanCA and I have worked.

-Ivend Medium

-BadgerDAO español Medium

-StablePay Medium

Personal Medium:

-Erik Suazo

Thanks for sharing this with the community. I am beginning to put together a larger brand proposal and would love to incorporate the content translation and Spanish comms you proposed into this. It is important we build upon our global presence and go further into communities, especially the Spanish speaking communities, as they have shown Cryptex love from day 1.

How many hours a week, on average, are you and Erik proposing to contribute to these efforts?

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Hi! Matz, thanks for the question. It would depend on how much Cryptex outputs in terms of medium posts because we would work on a rolling basis, i.e. if Cryptex releases a post that is a ’10 min read’ - to produce the proper translation, it may take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours depending on how technical the post gets. Usually the more technical language, the more time is spent working on translating the paragraph structure. If Cryptex releases 2-3 posts a week, then we would work to have those 2-3 post translated to be available that same week.

For managing twitter it could range from 4-5 hours a week, depending on how much cryptex twitter tweets. We can definitely produce some twitter original content (tweets, short tweetorials…etc), answer people’s spanish questions, in addition to supplementing and translating the english cryptex twitter tweets.

Our estimate is between 10-12 hours, which may increase as Cryptex starts to grow and position it’s brand in the industry.

p.s. we could also collaborate with ideas/topics to develop with the cryptex english content team.

This is very helpful, thank you. Yesterday we had a conversation with the Yearn team regarding a new tool they created, coordinape. This tool will allow us to allocate a portion of our budget for part time contributors in an easy and efficient way. We’ll be posting a new proposal soon that will address all of this and if passed, we can then onboard you and other contributors to the coordinape tool!