What should be the next asset added as vault collateral?

  • DPI
  • LINK
  • WBTC
  • OTHER (Specify in comments)

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I like DPI because we would be tapping into a set of users familiar with the concept. I’m not in love with DPI’s market cap. It appears stable enough to be collateral, and could set up some very interesting play opportunities.

I like WBTC because it represents such a large part of market cap, and would be more stable against TCAP than DPI.

I’m not sure why LINK is an option, could somebody with more familiarity touch on why this could be a good fit?

What about MAKER? Could be a little weird but could grab a large set of the right people.

I would suggest CTX as a collateral


Float token by Float Protocol

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Matic could be an interesting asset too


This would make for a very vulnerable vault imo, just for the present, at least.

I like BDPI over DPI, it’s superior in nearly every way.

DEFI5 would also be interesting. Out of the current ones listed, I would use both DPI and WBTC.

Hard to pick just one. I want all of them to get added. :grin:

Yes! hard list, the idea is to see which one is the top priority. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Think FLOAT could be a great integration (while still pretty early and not WBTC levels of MC). It’s been very non-volatile compared to ETH which means it’d be less stressful to have a vault with it as a collateral.

If it’s feasible could be a good idea to collateralise doge, very popular and currently useless. Ability to use as collateral could be a game changer

Vault liquidations on doge would be insane

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I would suggest Staked Ether as collateral, it will help to secure ETH . I think protocol like Lido is also looking for more collaboration to have their STETH as collateral.

and interest-bearing assets as collateral is generally a good idea. please check out ARCX, they use interest-bearing assets to mint stable coin. they are still struggling to maintain the Peg it could be a good case study for us.

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Fungiblepleb - I absolutely love these suggestions and I completely agree these are great options to consider.

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hello, I did some further research on this topic : )
here is a great article about how different approaches being made by different protocols.

I think a basket of sound money + native assets is a good solution. the base value is secured by ETH+ BTC and use locked up native assets as collateral (like Synthetix) will bring more value to CTX and align interests.

I came across this Project recently, it’s a very seminar product. they allow users to use LP tokens as collateral.

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What about USDC and USDT? I heard that DAI is backed by USDC on 60%.


Stablecoins definitely make sense when markets are going crazy. RAI is another stable that I have my eyes on.


I believe terra is a coin with potential or the stable coin. It’s a promising ecosystem

What about stETH (Lido Finance) or doing something like Alchemix where we take the underlying collateral and put it in an interest-bearing position? It would be awesome to have self-paying loans on the Cryptex ecosystem !


Using stETH is actually a brilliant idea imo. stETH is great for people who are earning through ETH PoS, but want to make use of that tied up capital being used for validation.

If you’re already validating, you’re probably long. TCAP is another way to get long on the market as a hedge against your validator staking.

I could be seeing this incorrectly, but it seems legit.