Inactive Crypt Keepers should be removed from the cite

Crypt Keepers that do not interact with the community should be ineligible to be delegated to and if someone wishes to do so, either A. they will not be available or B. a warning should display that states “This Crypt Keeper is inactive.”

Depends on what “interacting with the community” means to you. I could care less if they post on the forums or talk in the Discord. So long as they’re active in the crypto community as a whole and have general knowledge in the subject matter, I’m fine.


I’d agree with this. I wouldn’t expect them to constantly discuss in the disc or tg unless they had a prop to bring forward to the DAO.

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We should define what inactive means, perhaps you are inactive if you don’t vote on every on-chain proposal. As Cris mentioned in Discord - As a DAO we can make some incentives to keep Crypt Keepers active.