Idea: Diversify Treasury with RAI and Liquidity Mine

Author: Stefan Ionescu


Swap some of Cryptex’s treasury into the RAI stablecoin and use it to harvest rewards offered by Aave, Idle and Barnbridge.


RAI is a non-pegged stablecoin built by Reflexer. It currently getting adopted by DAOs and other DeFi protocols who want decentralized stable assets that also have the benefit of not being directly tied to fiat. At the moment of writing, there’s more than $15M worth of RAI that was market bought by different participants who want to hold it for the long run.

This proposal puts forward the idea of Cryptex diversifying its treasury with RAI and lending it on Aave, Idle or BarnBridge. At the moment, Aave is offering stkAAVE rewards for RAI lenders and Idle and BarnBridge offer IDLE and BOND rewards on top of the Aave ones. This would allow Cryptex to access a new income stream for the DAO as well as keep decentralized assets in the treasury.

I’d also love to hear about other ideas you have to take advantage of RAI’s integrations!