Strategy for sourcing new token ideas

Garnering inspiration from the (Vote | FloorDAO) collection rounds where DAO members vote to include their favored NFT projects into the DAO treasury each round, I would like to see Cryptex adopt a similar voting mechanism for sourcing new market tokens to unlock with our protocols.

Criteria for New Tokens:

  • Priority given to new tokens that already have live oracles
  • New tokens will have certain data thresholds (expected volume, data availability, etc)

Example token ideas:

  • Base Fee - tracks price of base fee per block in gwei (or avg of certain # of blocks)
  • Daily Volume - tracks the 24hr volume of the total crypto market (or other time period)
  • Bitcoin Dominance - tracks the dominance of Bitcoin across total crypto market cap
  • Post Milady - tracks floor prices of milady NFTs (milady, remilio, radbro, pixelady, etc)
  • Carbon Supply - tracks total market cap of the voluntary carbon market

Only a Snapshot vote is needed to garner sentiment.

On-chain governance will be used when the team has narrowed an acceptable list to vote on after considering the efficacy of deploying the new token ideas.

Please respond with your own suggestions and ideas and lets come up with some cool new markets as a community to deploy to our V1 Collateralized Vaults & V2 Perpetual Exchange!!


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Great ideas @brajon

Two more from me:

  • Stablecoin Marketcap Token
  • Crypto Volatility Index Token