Dune Analytics Improvements

Hey everyone,

Our fren @Crypto_Fruit has been a great help building our Dune Analytics dashboard. My question to the community is what else would you like to see on here? As we near the Polygon launch it would be great to build upon this - what analytics/graphs/charts would you like to see on here?



Great ideas, I think ‘average vault size’ and ‘amount of TCAP held’ will be helpful metrics when we’re on Polygon.

I believe Token Terminal will surface a couple of the revenue items you listed. If not, we can always grab it from the subgraphs.

Another useful metric will be adding a visualizer to what composes TCAP, like this on CoinGecko

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Sharing what Crypto Fruit mentioned about speeding up the process: “For me is best if you send me what you want + smart contract addresses what I need to do this analysis. It can save me ton of time and sometimes if query is easy it can be done in few hours. Otherwise I need to spend a lot of time of analysis what are right smart contracts and what they are doing and with which they are interacting etc …”