CIP-6: Deploying TCAP into Polygon


Research and Deploy Cryptex protocol into Polygon.


Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.

There is a lot of benefit of having Cryptex protocol deployed into Polygon, including low gas fees and take advantage of the bursting ecosystem that has been growing on Polygon, making TCAP accessible to more people.

If the proposal is approved research is going to be done in order to publish Cryptex on Polygon. Items to be focused on:

  • [ ] Governance on Mainnet
  • [ ] Deploy pTCAP (it’s not the same as bridged TCAP from mainnet)
  • [ ] TheGraph, Chainlink Support.
  • [ ] pTCAP <> TCAP integration.
  • [ ] Liquidity incentives


Research and Deploy Cryptex protocol in Polygon


Don’t deploy Cryptex protocol in Polygon

  • For
  • Against

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will there be new collateral? like matic as collateral so they can offer matic rewards too.

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Yes, it’s going to be part of the research, as long as we can get the proper oracles it can be done.

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According these stats, Polygon is gaining popularity +

Very popular DEX on Polygon is Quickswap because they have nice liquidity rewards. Seem that if project makes big enought LP pool for example TCAP/Quick. Quick will send some Quick tokens to LPs. Quickswap

Great info! we added Cryptex Protocol on Polygon to the Roadmap, but just like you mentioned we need to find the best tools to deploy liquidity or capture the most value for the protocol. Sushi is another alternative that some people is already used to it, but really depends on what’s best for getting TCAP on more people hands.

Not sure how Sushi rewards are, but you can see here Quick

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Pool? Like trading pair?

would love to see a stable, like USDC or DAI. also WETH.