CIP 2 : Add TCAP/DAI incentivized SUSHI pool


Having TCAP paired with a stable coin like DAI would lower the volatility of TCAP. We’re already in the process of lowering CR from 200% to 150%, and supplementing it with an incentivized pool will add more liquidity to TCAP and lowers volatility.

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As specified by our early CTX Distribution, we have 500k CTX ready to be added to the DAI pool incentives if this is approved it will go live soon.

I would only want to make sure that adding more rewards will actually help reduce the peg.

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will this encourage people to buy TCAP?
maybe we should reward people to mint more TCAP.

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what if they just mint and not sell it wouldn’t help ecosystem lp pools will enforce them to mint and add to pool.

I have an idea for making this while encouraging sale, will add it into the fixing peg post.

that would be great like a stability pool

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I would like to see other solutions first and only add tcap/dai in case the peg cannot be fixed. I listened to the last community call and I like the idea to utilize yearn for stability. In my opinion it’s better to keep this 500000 CTX for other incentives like developement and community grants.

agree, minting more would be better to reduce the peg, IMHO.