CIP-16: Migrate SushiSwap rewards to Uniswap V3

As you might know, TCAP rewards for Sushiswap have ended. We have the opportunity to renew the rewards or migrate them to the Uniswap V3 Pool, increasing the amount of rewards in that pool.

This proposal aims to migrate 26,038 CTX LP rewards from Sushiswap to Uniswap V3.


This vote will be on Snapshot.

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My vote: “Don’t add more rewards”
Rationale: We should not continue to incentivize liquidity on Sushi when UNI has significantly less slippage and allows for concentrated liquidity. We don’t need to add more rewards to TCAP-WETH UNI LP since it was already funded with 50K CTX in May.


I agree, the APY is 90% in the TCAP-WETH uniswap pool and theres no need to continue with the Sushi rewards

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