2024 Operating Expenditures Treasury Transfers for Q2

Dear Community Members,

DAO contributors want to provide an update on the progress we’ve made since the approval of the 2024 operating expenditures proposal.

For a comprehensive review of the proposal, please refer to the original post here.

To ensure transparency and accountability, DAO contributors have diligently managed our budget, staying within the allocated funds for Q1. You can track monthly contributor expenditures in the summary sheet available here, which provides a detailed breakdown of expenses.

Now, as we enter Q2, we need to facilitate the transfer of assets from our treasury to support ongoing operational activities.

Summary of transfer amounts:

91,000 CTX

We value your participation and encourage you to vote on the 2024 Operating Expenditures Treasury Transfers for Q2. Let’s continue building and evolving the Cryptex protocol.

Please vote on snapshot: Snapshot

Thank you.