Potential cex listings

The DAO has recently been in contact with two venues for CEX listings in Asia and wishes to provide community transparency around these conversations. Both these contacts were established through a well known third party within the industry and have been determined on a best efforts basis to be genuine as a result of the origin of these initial introductions from this third party.

⁃ Venue 1 requests a marketing effort of $110,000 CTX from the DAO Treasury prior to a listing.

⁃ Venue 2 requests a marketing effort of up to $300,000 in CTX prior to a listing.

Note: Final amount for venue 2 may be less, but will not exceed $300,000 in CTX.

β€’ Voting FOR this proposal may allow the DAO to onboard with these centralized exchanges.

  • Voting AGAINST this proposal will do nothing.

  • This proposal is not intended to be investment or financial advice. Always do your own research. The Cryptex DAO, it’s contributors or community make no guarantees or warranties any efforts are successful.

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